KCCM, Inc.

Korean Consortium of Corporate Manufacturers


Our interdisciplinary business concept is what makes KCCM so unique and incomparable to other manufacturing companies. The core of our business is in sales/marketing and program management including customer service, where we act as a bridge between our partners and customers in order to fulfill our customers' expectations in effective communication and efficient services.

Sales and Marketing

Through our leading sales and marketing efforts, we are able to best represent our partner companies and the products that we stand for. The success of our sales and marketing for our partner companies visibly shows in our large customer base from OEMs to After Market companies to Tier Suppliers. As a result, our globally extended network of partners and customers is one of the top factors as to why KCCM is incomparable to other companies of the like.


Outsourcing Support

Our customers can truly benefit from the procurement support we offer. As a KCCM client, we will give you exclusive connections to the most competitive and prestigious Korean manufacturers in the Market. This valuable opportunity to communicate with an overseas manufacturer that fits your needs is solely obtainable through KCCM.